Sigrun Drapatz

“I see my job in an education context as involving people in experiments, enabling them to experience, and providing a reflection surface; – establishing research as a learning strategy.”    Sigrun Drapatz

Issues of religion and identity

Sigrun Drapatz is a visual artist. An interest in world religions and exploration of different cultural identities form the focus of her work.

Digital visual catalogue of work

Together with Sigrun Drapatz, the Studio developed a comprehensive website encompassing the most important cornerstones of her work. Images are most important in the website. Next to the concept and layout of the website, image processing was an important task. The website was built using content management system Typo3 and can be updated by Sigrun Drapatz herself. The business card shows a drawing by Sigrun Drapatz.

  • Text: Sigrun Drapatz, Elke Drapatz
  • Content Management System in Typo 3: Klaus Musett
  • Photos: Sigrun Drapatz