Disaster Preventive Reconstruction in Peru

“A brochure for professionals in disaster prevention. The information was structured, diagrams and tables revised and harmonised. Photos illustrate the reconstruction of houses in areas that could also be hit by earthquakes in the future.”

Precautions for future earthquakes

During a severe earthquake in Peru in 2007 hundreds of thousands of people lost their livelihood and their houses. Damage from future earthquakes can be reduced or prevented by taking precautions. The brochure brings together the experience of the development oriented emergency and transitional aid. Readers of the brochure are professionals.

About the design

The colour dark red was already specified, so the Studio added a rather light blue as a second accent. Each section begins with a full-page photo to structure the brochure visually. All the diagrams, graphics and tables were revised and visually harmonised. The non-professional photos were all extensively optimised by image processing.

  • Services provided Brochure, DIN A4, 40 pages
  • Customer: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Development oriented Emergency and Transitional Aid
  • Editorial team: Mario Donga, Claus Kruse
  • Photo credits: GIZ / Gari Solórzano, Harry Diaz, Mayra Peña